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SUSTEC has developed the REGMAX process to overcome all existing problems with mixed acid pickling and its regeneration. The REGMAX process enables recovery rates of:

HF   >   99%

HNO3   >   97%

Metals   >   99%

The process is applicable for all metal and acid concentrations and gives freedom of choosing the optimum pickling conditions for best pickling performance. The closed material loop minimizes the operational costs and environmental impact of pickling. REGMAX is the most economical solution for the regeneration of mixed acids on the market.

In the process the waste acid will be vaporized and separated into gaseous acid and metal salts. Metal salts will undergo pyrohydrolysis and will be transformed into metal oxides and gaseous acid. Gaseous acid will be recovered. Recovered acid will be reused for pickling while the metal oxides can be reused for steel production.

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