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SUSTEC was founded 2013 in Austria to provide technology solutions for acid regeneration plants and pickling lines.

Since 2013 SUSTEC was involved in the design, technological management and commissioning activities for projects with Arcelor Mittal Poland, China Steel Group, Corbion Spain, Ternium Mexico and Uganda Roofing Mills on behalf of Tenova Group.

SUSTEC is focusing on green technologies to reduce the environmental impact of existing technologies. Company’s success is based on lowering the operation costs and increasing the profitability for our customers.

2018 SUSTEC’s REGMAX® solution beeing labled as an Effcient Solution by Solar Impuls Foundation. REGMAX® protects the environment in an efficient way and is among 1.000 solutions selcted to save worlds environment and climate in a profitable way.

SUSTEC’s REGMAX® process, is a new regeneration technology for mixed acids from stainless steel pickling process.

“Our mission is to elimiante waste acid’s from stainless steel industry.”


2016 SUSTEC has been awarded “Born Global Champion” by Austrian Chamber of Commerce:

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SUSTEC receives funding from:

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